Royal College

About us

Royal College is considered to be the leading public school in Sri Lanka and is often referred to as the "Eton of Sri Lanka". The school was founded in 1835, according to the British public school tradition, having been named the Royal College Colombo in 1881 with royal consent from Queen Victoria. Royal College was selected as "one of best innovative colleges" in the world by Microsoft in 2009.


Life at Royal

A montage like no other, life at Royal is colourful as it can get. The entire populace, varying in race, language and religion, rally under one blue and gold banner. They work hard and play hard. They sing in celebration and weep in times of loss; all this, they do together because the school is paramount in the minds of both students and staff.



Royal College is the leading public sector provider of education with some of the best teachers & facilities that can be found, not only in the country, but in the region.



Excelling & participating in sports makes a well rounded citizen & this is encouraged from a very young age at Royal College.


Clubs & Societies

The various clubs & societies with an extensive range allows the students of Royal College to gain the necessary skills they require to be productive citizens.


Notable events

With a history dating back to 1835, Royal College has many notable events (often repeated each year) that are connected to other prestigious institutions.


Notable achievements

The achievements of students & teachers of Royal College Colombo.


Social Services

The Social Services performed by Students, teachers, & old boys of Royal College are many. Get a glimpse here.



The Old Boys Association (The Union) serves as the backbone of Royal College to provide the strength necessary to be the best institute.



The community around the Royal College provides the students, teachers, and the OBA the necessary strength & peace of mind to do what they do best.